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Game Name: The Simpsons Road Rage
Genre: Racing
Players: 1 - 2
Publisher: Electronic Arts
Developer: Radical Entertainment
Go on a Road Rage, Simpsons style!!

Mr. Burns is up to his greedy ways, purchasing the Springfield buses and jacking up the fares. Now Springfieldians must turn their cars into cabs and make enough money to buy back the buses before the clock runs out. No time for donuts, Homer.

Over 30 of your favorite Simpsons characters

Real character voices

Six HUGE levels with over 100 Springfield landmarks

Compete for passengers in 2-player split-screen action

Get wild with big-air jumps, power slides, and more

Brave jam-packed routes and time-saving short-cuts

Mmmm… Bonus System - Unlock characters, cars and levels

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