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Becoming an Affiliate of Atomic Xbox

Will We Affiliate With You?

We allow almost all gaming and entertainment type sites to be affiliates with Atomic Xbox.

Where must I place the links to Atomic Xbox?

You can place the links to Atomic Xbox on any pages of your site that you like, but we prefer to have the links placed under something like affiliates and on every page of your site. But this is not a requirement.

What is the affiliate process?

To request to become an affiliate with Atomic Xbox you must send an email to containing your name, email, site name, site url and if you have the information how many daily unique visitors your site receives.

We then process your affiliate and will most likely accept you as an affiliate, we will add you to our system and give you the url to link to. This will be something like where the 2 will be replaced with your id.
You must make all links to this url and not any other, this is so we can track the number of incoming visitors from your site.

How much traffic will I get?

You will get about the same amount of traffic from Atomic Xbox as the amount that you send to Atomic Xbox. We achieve this by our affiliate script which tracks incoming and outgoing traffic. If your incoming traffic is higher than our outgoing traffic you site will appear on our affiliate lists until we have sent you more traffic than you have sent us, then your site will not appear until your site has sent Atomic Xbox more traffic than we have sent you.

Since you rank sites based on traffic they send you how do you stop cheaters?

Multiple visits from the same person with some small time period are discarded as invalid. Any sites that continue to send large numbers of false traffic will be removed from all affiliate lists until the false traffic subsides at which point they will be reactivated. If sites continue to cheat they will be removed.

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