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Game Name: Sneakers
Genre: Action
Players: 1 - 4
Publisher: Microsoft Game Studios
Developer: Mediavision Corporation
Sneakers is a fun, comical adventure filled with cartoon combat. Players take on the role of a mouse named Apollo, who must lead his friends through a human-sized town to battle the enemy. Fights are comical battles where you throw wind-up punches and flying kicks while also directing the actions of your troops. Being mouse-sized offers its own unique advantages and obstacles. A rolling apple could be as dangerous as a tumbling boulder while a small hole in a wall serves as an ideal shortcut. Players have to be cunning and quick to defeat the enemy.

Cartoon Combat: Sneakers offers a fun, comical battle mode where players throw wind-up punches and flying kicks while also directing the actions of the troops.

Mouse Eye-View: Sneakers is the only game where the adventure takes place from the unique perspective of a mouse.

Lead Friends to Victory: In Sneakers, gamers lead a squad of mice, commanding their actions both on and off the battlefield.

Fur-Shading: Using fur-shading technology only available on Xbox, Sneakers mice are covered in fur so realistic you'll want to pet them.

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