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Game Name: NBA Inside Drive 2002
Genre: Sports
Players: 1 - 4
Official Site
Publisher: Microsoft Game Studios
Developer: High Voltage Software
NBA Inside Drive 2002 combines NBA end-to-end action with the high-flying acrobatic dunks of Vince Carter and all of the NBA's stars. Stunning graphics put you on all of the NBA arena floors and pits you along side all of your favorite NBA players. Inside Drive is one-touch passing and shooting, combined with the pace and action of real NBA basketball challenges you to bring your best game - both offensively and defensively. So whether you're trying to break Vince down off of the dribble and taking it to the rack, or trying to guide your favorite team to the NBA Finals, NBA Inside Drive 2002 takes basketball gaming to a new level!

High intensity NBA gameplay - Dozens of dunks, multiple juke moves, with a complete post game. Experience a fast-paced and intense NBA style of gameplay.

Ultra realistic player models and graphics - Hundreds of individually modeled player heads, multiple custom body types and individual skin textures for each player, including tattoos. Each model delivers the most realistic-looking players ever.

Team-specific playbooks and tendencies - Every NBA team has a unique style of play. The Lakers will run the triangle and the Jazz will primarily run screen plays. Some teams will push the ball harder on the fast break and take more risks, whereas others will be more conservative and instead lean toward finding good scoring opportunities in the half court game

Complete season mode - Fantasy draft and full GM capabilities. Trade, sign, release and draft your ultimate team.

Advanced injury model - Manage team rosters by trading and signing players to deal with minor and major injuries to key players.

Amazingly detailed arenas - Recognize every NBA team's arena, all modeled from hundreds of photos and architectural drawings. Notice the fine detail of San Antonio's Alamodome with the big curtain, or Miami's American Airlines Arena with the multi-colored glass tubes on the jumbotron.

Awesome announcers - Includes award-winning announcers Kevin Calabro and Marques Johnson, and sideline commentary for injuries and post-game analysis.

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