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Game Name: Mike Tyson Heavyweight Boxing
Genre: Sports
Players: 1 - 8
Official Site
Publisher: Codemasters
Developer: Atomic Planet
It's big, rough, tough and hard-hitting: wipe the sweat from your eyes and come face to face with Iron Mike in Mike Tyson Heavyweight Boxing.

With the most intuitive and responsive play created for a boxing video game, get your hands on the controls and you'll feel a real connection with every heavyweight punch. Each of the professional boxers featured has his own skills, signature punches, and signature combos in addition to the standard punches, counter punches, hooks, jab as well as a full range of blocks, dodges and pushes for successful evasion and defence.

Never before has there been a video game that brings players the dynamics of heavyweight boxing. The sport is aggressive and confrontational and the game captures this right down to the bruises and blood. However, it's also got the glitz that accompanies it across the globe.

Mike Tyson Heavyweight Boxing couples huge depth of play with immediate accessibility to appeal to all fight and sports fans. The visuals capture every professional boxer's likeness and spirit effectively and incredibly dramatically, thanks to the realistic facial damage engine. The PAIN (Polymorphic And Interpolative Node-mapping) damage engine is unique to the game and delivers dynamic visuals of boxers' faces. Blood, sweat, tears and bruises land a really bang-on punch and see your opponent's face swell up as the PAIN engine allows areas of the boxers' faces to expand over the textured damage effects. Each boxer damages in a unique manner, including every custom boxer you create.

As players progress through fights, more challengers and game features are unlocked. Win big and the purse money from a fight lets you buy special moves and extra skills from opponents as each is beaten.

Feeling confident? Players can, at any time, call up Tyson for a "friendly" fight to see how their skills and techniques are coming along.

Players create up to four of their own custom boxers, with an incredibly elaborate character-creation system (check out the face and body creator!) enabling them to choose their personal, physical and boxing attributes.

The facial shaping technology of the PAIN engine also enables the game's uniquely flexible character-creation system. Way ahead of any other fight game, the boxer creation system lets the player manipulate around 40 different parts of the body and head, altering size and appearance. Players can also choose their custom boxers' entry animations, taunts, kit, announcer nicknames, punches, and signature combos.

Better get training Mike Tyson Heavyweight Boxing features nine different game modes. Among these, Bronze, Silver and Gold title belts challenge players to develop their boxers through a series of fights until the title is won. After every fight in the Belt series, purse money is awarded comprising of a win fee plus Entertainment, Surprise and Power Bonuses.

Exhibition Matches, Speed Boxing and Sparring make up the additional one player game modes. There's also a highly addictive Two-Player Mode in which players can use any of the boxers they have created or unlocked so far plus any of their friends Custom boxers which have been saved to memory card.

With over 200 unlocks, there's plenty worth fighting for. In addition to special moves, players are rewarded with all kinds of unlockable bonuses including special combos, signature punches, stadia, boxer taunts, special entry tunes and much more.

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