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Game Name: Kung Fu Chaos
Genre: Fighting
Players: 1 - 4
Publisher: Microsoft Game Studios
Developer: Just Add Monsters
Kung Fu Chaos is a funny and broadly appealing brawler game, inspired by the quirky and stylized '70s Kung Fu movie era. You fight as one of 8 characters, whose looks, moves and taunts are derived from the movie icons they represent. Your quest for movie stardom places you on the dynamic set of numerous classic films and when the cameras start to role, you fight with over the top, Hong Kong-style combat including leaps, flying limbs and multiple opponent style action. It's Kung Fu action for up to 4 players, set to the musical backdrop of appropriately themed anthems.

Smack Attack and Kung Fu style Combat

Pummel friends with slick combat moves, treachery, and taunts

Combat involves physical and verbal attacks (taunts) for added game play challenge

70's Kung Fu Style Characters and Humor

Characters are a witty reprise of classic 70's movers and shakers and traditional martial arts film icons.

Up to eight characters to choose from

Each character designed to look, fight and hurl abuse in its own kick-ass manner

Characters have legs! Staying power of the IP should spawn other opportunities

'70's kung fu style and humor permeates all elements of game from characters, video, audio and environments

Taunts, pop culture references enrich social dynamic Rickety Film Sets as Environments - Parody of Familiar Movies

Eight diverse movie sets parodying pop culture icons – four of which are unlockable

Utterly recognizable backdrops add humor for mass market appeal

Moving film sets provide dynamic and interactive environments in which to fight

Accessible but Deep Rewarding and humorous fighting experience for first time players and non-fighting gamers alike

Characters possess a discoverable and diverse set of fight moves that can be mastered for added fun and competition

Features hallmark songs including Kung Fu Fighting, Enter The Dragon, and others
Soundtrack themed to suit various film set styles
Three Game Play Modes

One or Two Player Challenge
Single player or collaborative two-player vs. The Black Ninja Clan (AI attackers)

Battle Mode
Pick a set, a character, and duke it out with up to 3 other people—play singly or pick teams (AI characters available)

Tournament Path
Meta game: compete with other character or AI across multiple arenas
Be the COOLEST: score cool points by holding style up for the longest with moves and taunts to be crowned the "ultimate Kung Fu hero"

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