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Game Name: Kakuto Chojin
Genre: Fighting
Players: 1
Publisher: Microsoft Game Studios
Developer: Microsoft Game Studios
Kakuto Chojin puts you closest to the danger and realism of a street brawl.

Enter the world of Kakuto Chojin, the ultimate fighting game, darker and grittier than any fighting game that has come before it. Sweat flies, rain splashes, lights and shadows cascade on the fighters. This is a life or death battle for survival. Each combatant fights with raw emotion. Motions blur with lightning fast attacks and results are visible and real.

AFS - Advanced Fighting System
Kakuto Chojin delivers a new level of realism where no two fights are the same. There are no canned reactions every punch, kick, and counter has a different effect . Actions and reactions seem all too real. Heads snap back, sweat flies, muscles flex, legs buckle.

Real Fighters
Forget fighting pretty boys and supermodels. These are the folks you never want to meet in a dark alley. These fighters are tough, badass, mo-fos right out of some secret fight club. They bear the scars of past battles and fight with raw intensity. Don't mess with these guys.

A Dark World
This is a grim, somber, deadly underworld, where fighters move among the shadows and battles take place on rain-soaked rooftops, dark alley ways, and mysterious chambers.

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