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Game Name: F1 2002
Genre: Racing
Players: 1 - 2
Official Site
Publisher: EA Sports
Developer: EA Sports
The first place to RACE the complete 2002 Formula One World Championship

The annual Formula One World Championship intoxicates a worldwide audience of billions, with its cocktail of speed, action, glamour and rivalry. Sport's most exotic show has made household names of its mega-star drivers and front-page news of their glamorous lifestyles. And with the price of success getting ever higher, only a team commanding a nine figure budget and the finest talents in the world, stand a chance of basking in the glory at the pinnacle of world motorsport.

EA SPORTS F1 2002 is the first product on ANY platform to include the complete 2002 FIA Formula One World Championship giving the Xbox gamer the opportunity to compete head to head with all the new drivers and teams as the season unfolds.

EA SPORTS F1 2002 is the first video game to feature the all new Toyota Formula One team the latest team to enter the Formula One paddock.

Official 2002 FIA Formula One World Championship - All the tracks, drivers and teams from the up to date 2002 World Championship including the Toyota and Renault Formula One racing teams.

Fast, Bold, Intelligent Opponents - Race against opponents who want to win as badly as you do. Every driver on the track will fight, battle and react to maintain their current position, while constantly looking for the next opportunity to overtake, creating a high pressure, edge of the seat racing experience.

Multiple Racing Experiences - Compete in high action, high drama battles or adapt the racing experience to suit your style. Toggle simulation mode on and feel the handling model change to a simulation style pushing ability to the limit.

Dynamic, living environments - F1 2002 takes the driver into a living, breathing Formula One world as anticipation builds up on a buzzing grid. The gamer will enter the ultimate racing experience, whether surrounded by team personnel and engineers, passing flag bearing marshals at the trackside warning drivers of upcoming danger, creating breathtaking collisions, or passing an opponent as the crowd waves and screams.

Cutting Edge Technology - Unrivalled accuracy, resolution, detail, performance and sensation of speed.

Realistic weather model - The driver witnesses the race come alive under adverse weather conditions. As rain clouds hover, umbrellas go up and pit crews radio weather updates. Rain causes opponents to spin off the track, crash into barriers, and rush to the pits to switch tires and change strategy.

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