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Game Name: Chase: Hollywood Stunt Driver
Genre: Action
Players: 1 - 4
Publisher: Bam
Developer: I-Imagine Interactive
Chase: Hollywood Stunt Driver places players in the exciting world of Hollywood movie stunt car action. With four unique movie sets and a variety of vehicles unlike any other game, Chase promises heart-pounding action and spectacular movie-style special effects.

Chase Corrada is the bravest woman alive. Period. Leaping over moving trains, crashing through exploding barrels, chasing down speeding cars and popping wheelies at high speed are all just a part of the job. Earn Reputation Points for eye-popping aerobatics that will wow the crowds, impress the director, and allow you to eventually move on to bigger, better, and more challenging movies. Help Chase soar up the Hollywood ladder in order to become the greatest stuntwoman the world has ever seen.

Lights... Camera... Action...

Perform incredible stunts in 4 diverse movie sets (1920's Gangster, Asian City, Post Apocalyptic, and Spy Thriller Set)

16 action packed movie scenes and 4 training missions

Earn reputation points to unlock new scenes, challenges and multiplayer modes

15 stunning vehicles to drive, including sports cars, a three-wheel Tuk-Tuk car, a military jeep, pick-up trucks, motorcycles and more

Career, Challenge and Multiplayer (mini-game) modes with 4 player split screen game play

Dynamic Camera Replay system to save and replay scenes with your stunts

Featuring "Nothing On My Back" from Sum 41

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