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Game Name: Fireblade
Genre: Action
Players: 1 - 4
Publisher: Midway
Developer: Midway
Fireblade straps players into the cockpit of two sophisticated and explosive military helicopters, both armed with an incredible arsenal of weaponry and firepower.

As a hotshot pilot thrust into treacherous terrain from the jungles of Micronesia to the pinnacle mountains of Monument Valley, players surge through taxing hostile enemy assaults, gun-down key strategic locations, and engage in dangerous stealth missions.

18 missions in four campaigns bring all the action you can handle and pushes your adrenaline level to the Red Zone.
Amazing variety of lush environments including: Swiss Alps, Arizona Desert, Amazon Jungle, and the Arctic Circle.
Day and night, sleet and snow - conquer all manner of weather effects to complete your objectives.
Multiple camera features bring the action up close and personal - play in first or third person and watch your chopper's guns blaze.
Test drive the latest in combat technology as you zoom with sniper mode and execute pinpoint accuracy.
Feel the rush of turbo and VFF upgrades as your helicopter partially transforms and exhibits its blinding jet aircraft speed.
Take the helm of two distinct choppers - fly a carrier chopper for transport and rescue missions or pilot the Vendetta attack helicopter for assault missions. Each features a unique flight dynamic.
Multiple deadly, hi-tech weapons are at your disposal including the Sniper Cannon, Swarm Missiles, EMP weapon, Rail Gun, and Laser Guided Homing Missiles, which rely on your wingmen for accuracy.
Run silent in Stealth mode to evade enemies with your night vision sensors and use the EMP weapon to disable alarms while remaining undetected.

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