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Game Name: Defender
Genre: Action
Players: 1 - 4
Official Site
Publisher: Midway
Developer: Midway
An intense combat-action flying experience, Defender offers players the ultimate in next-generation action and strategy. Players defend and protect the human race from an alien invasion as they assume the controls of next-generation combat-ready Defender ships. Battling an onslaught of vicious aliens, players strategically pilot their ship through more than 20 treacherous missions spanning the solar system, executing dynamic tactical maneuvers such as barrel rolls, 360-degree loops and spinning reversals to evade the enemy.

Defender features a new view perspective with a fully 3-D, third-person chase camera, Defender drops players into the explosive action of an alien invasion where they must combine strategic elements with speed, control and firepower to outwit the enemy. Ship upgrades are also available with various power-ups including shields, advanced weapons and hyperspace technology. Aliens can be taken head-on in single-player campaign mode or defeated with a friend in the two-player, cooperative campaign mode as you deploy an arsenal of weapons such as a grenade launcher, fast-lock missile launcher, fireball launcher and gas launcher.

KMFDM and Trigger provide hard, pulsating rhythms that lend an even more realistic feel to the intense, combat-action and strategic gameplay

Fend off the alien advance on the various planets and moons of the solar system including Venus, Mars and Earth

Engage the alien invaders in Single-Player Campaign Mode or Two-Player Cooperative Campaign Mode

Choose from six different types of ships, from heavily-armed bombers to quick and stealthy fighters

Upgrade your ship between missions and earn multiple power-ups including shields, advanced weapons, cloaking technology and more

Employ special tactical maneuvers such as barrel rolls, 360-degree loops and 360-degree reversals

Take strategic control by positioning various ground units including tanks and missile launchers

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