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Game Name: Dark Angel
Genre: Action
Players: 1
Official Site
Publisher: Sierra
Developer: Radical Entertainment
James Cameron's Dark Angel™, the game, is based on the sci-fi adventure series set in the near future after an electromagnetic pulse detonated by terrorists crippled the US economy. Max, a genetically-enhanced human prototype with attitude to spare, escaped from her military creators and made a life for herself on the edgy streets of 21st-century Seattle. She becomes a reluctant hero when she teams up with idealistic, underground cyber-journalist Logan Cale, lending her unique abilities to his crusade against corruption and an oppressive establishment.

Original story progresses beyond the television series and features voiceovers by Jessica Alba and Michael Weatherly

RAGE System: Unleash over 50 fighting moves by unlocking the soldier within Max

Stealth Mode: Utilize unique evasive moves, plus enhanced vision

Interact with familiar friends & foes from the series, plus many new characters & environments

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