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Game Name: Shadow Of Memories
Genre: Adventure
Players: 1
Publisher: Konami
Developer: Konami Studios
Shadow of Memories is a tale of choices and their affect on others. The game's hero, Eike, is murdered and awakens to find himself in limbo, somewhere between life and what lies beyond. A mysterious figure introduces himself as Homunulus and offers Eike a means to alter his destiny and avert his murder. As the cinematic mix of puzzle solving and exploration unfolds, however, Eike will visit 1980, 1902 and mediaeval time zones and the methods he uses to avert his death will have a knock-on effect on those he meets.

A German village, an immense riddle and the urge to try it over and over again these are the main ingredients of Shadow of Memories. A hero, a mysterious benefactor, a complex plot and several attempted murders this all has been put into an atmosphere so tense, that it will leave you paralysed. Eike, the protagonist of the game, has just been murdered. He is sent back to life, though, with the simple task to prevent his own death. This turns out to be almost impossible, so it becomes essential to find out more about the cause and the background of his murder. Of great assistance in his quest is a device, which allows him to travel through time. If that is not enough, Eike gets to know more about the mysterious Homunculus, who always sends him back to life.

Shadow of Memories is not your average adventure, it is a totally innovative game with an atmosphere never experienced before, one which has been tied closely to a fascinating surrounding. The German village, where the plot takes place, reflects all the different epochs Eike travels to... and changes in the present according to the persons Eike influences in the past. The brilliant idea to solve the riddles of the present by understanding the coherence of the past has an enormous potential and will keep the brains of its players busy for months. The enchanting graphics and soundtrack are also a feast for eye and ear.

An innovative and thrilling story encourages the player to start over and over again.

Breathtaking and detailed graphics and animations.

The tense atmosphere is supported by a fitting soundtrack.

Even though the riddles are demanding, they are always solvable.

The multitude of places and characters offer a great variety and diversity. The village changes in accordance with the epoch one travels to.

If the past changes, so does the future. Thus an always changing plot is guaranteed.

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