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Game Name: Serious Sam: First Encounter
Genre: Action
Players: 1 - 4
Official Site
Publisher: Gotham Games
Developer: Croteam
Serious Sam casts you as Sam "Serious" Stone a legend in his time, due to his extreme bravery in battle. As attempts to defend the solar system fail the planet Earth is coming under direct attack, and humankind stares into the face of its own annihilation.

World leaders turn to their only hope, an ancient artifact called the "Time-Lock" that can teleport a single person back in time. The choice of whom to send is obvious: you are the only hope for humankind. Return the past and change it by exterminating the evil forces determined to end humanity.

All of the levels of the first PC game and the sequel packed into one 36 level adventure in 5 different episodes.

Hack, Blast, and Annihilate over 100 creatures at a time that attack simultaneously from air, land, and water.

Amazingly innovative stages taking place in wide-open desert settings. With graphics so crisp and clear you'll almost feel the sand in your boots and the sun in your eyes.

Get deadly serious through insane power-ups, Invulnerability, Invisibility, Serious Damage and Serious Speed. There's nothing you can't handle while jacked on these.

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