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Game Name: NHL 2003
Genre: Sports
Players: 1 - 4
Official Site
Publisher: Electronic Arts
Developer: EA Sports
Take control of the #1 hockey game on earth—NHL 2003. Whether you're skating as a rookie or lacing 'em up as a pro, pull off 90-mph slapshots and awesome moves with Dynamic Deke Control.

Never before have you had this much control over the stick and puck. Show off your superior skills and earn rewards like the Game Breaker, which puts your opponents in slow motion as you blow by them for the open shot. Torching speed and pulverizing action will get any sports fan fired up.

NHL 2003—the game for every sports gamer.

Dynamic Deke Control—Fun and easy user-activated dekes let you trigger one of eight different moves with the touch of a button, or, for advanced users, take complete control and create your own dekes to blast past the opposition.

Game Breakers—Perform dynamic dekes and score goals to build up the Game Breaker meter. When the meter fills, trigger the Game Breaker and enter a "zone" where surroundings move in slow motion, intensity increases, and you feel your heart pounding as you blast past for a goal.

'On the Ice' Sound—Experience the authentic sounds of the game from ice-level with audio captured from real NHL games, including chatter from the bench, players shouting, and sticks and blades scraping the ice.

EA SPORTS GameStory 2—Featuring cinematic camerawork, cool new replays, play-by-play, and color commentary, the new and improved EA SPORTS GameStory 2 now tracks and highlights player and team stories throughout the entire season.

New Graphics and Animation Engines—With all-new graphics and animation engines, NHL 2003 will be the most visually stunning and vibrant NHL game yet.

Improved Goalie A.I.—Goalies are the most realistic to date, making spectacular saves on breakaways and rebounds, plus desperation saves and other game-changing plays.

Improved Puck Physics—The puck responds realistically to every deke, pass, save and slapshot.

NHL Cards— Perform tasks to earn points towards the purchase of NHL Cards. Cards provide the player with boosts, cheats, and other unlockable features.

Create-a-Player—Put yourself in the game as an intense power forward or a bruising defenseman with an assortment of facial features and options.

Customizable Gameplay—Beginners get audio tips and can adjust Gameplay Sliders to slow down the action. Experienced gamers can speed things up for more challenging gameplay.

4 Game Modes—Play Now, Season/Franchise, Playoffs, and International Tournament.
It's In The Game™—Official NHL and NHLPA® licensed product including all 30 NHL and 20 international teams.

Advanced Audio Technology—Incredible in-game audio is the result of Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround Sound technology.

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