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Game Name: Metal Dungeon
Genre: Roleplaying
Players: 1
Publisher: Xicat Interactive
Developer: Panther Software
Deep within a vast underground weapons complex
known as Force Valley, something has gone terribly
wrong. An experimental cyborg 'Magin' escapes from its creators, constructing an army of enhanced weapon monsters to turn Force Valley into a Metal Dungeon. Now, a team of elite cyborg warriors must plunge into the dungeon, battle the fierce monsters with magic, weapons, and robotics, and destroy the scourge of the land!

Deep, traditional Japanese role-playing experience

Ten sprawling dungeons within Force Valley

90 Level Random generator for unlimited replay

10 character types (fencer, striker, analyzer, caster and broader plus 5 hidden)

Customize your perfect cyborg warriors with deep, intuitive RPG system, add-on parts and more

Re-animate fallen corpses as cyborg robots

Hundreds of monster types and unique bosses

Over 200 weapons, items, power-ups and armor

Over 200 hours of gameplay!

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