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Game Name: Marvel Vs Capcom 2
Genre: Fighting
Players: 1 - 4
Publisher: THQ
Step into the arena of the world's two most powerful fighting forces, Marvel and Capcom. An unprecedented total of 56 playable characters raise the bar on arcade fighting with 3 on 3 tag-team battles, unbelievable control and super-slick animation. Pick a fight between legendary Capcom characters and Super Heroes from the Marvel universe and watch the super combo's fly.

Hyper-fast gameplay and animation makes Marvel vs. Capcom 2 the most intense and insane fighting game on the planet.

Choose from over 50 playable characters from the Capcom and Marvel universes.

Multiple modes of play include Arcade, Versus, Score Attack and Training.

Perform limitless Hyper Combos, Crossover Counters, Advancing Guard and Super Jumps in 3-on-3 tag team battles

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