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Game Name: BMX XXX
Genre: Sports
Players: 1 - 2
Official Site
Publisher: Acclaim Entertainment
Developer: Z-Axis
BMX XXX is the first lifestyle, 17+ Action Sports game in history. Never before has an action sports game combined the edgy, real-life aspects of the BMX culture with fun, fast arcade gameplay. BMX XXX introduces lifestyle and adult humor to this genre, combining the edgy real-life aspects of the BMX culture with fast, fun and hilarious gameplay. Think Airplane meets Howard Stern!

Hilarious scripted events written by Hollywood's best comedians and mind-blowing mature content that you won't believe you're seeing.

With the addition of Flatland riding, we now feature over 2000 different tricks, still the most in any Action Sports game.

Extensive Create-a-Rider and Park Editor modes for you to create your own BMX world.
Challenge your friends with a wide array of split screen multi-player games plus, for the first time: Sniper BMX, Strip BMX and more

Authentic competition levels compete with the pros at UGP's Roots Jam 2002 or at the fabled Rampage Skate Park.

8 massive levels featuring superb game design and all of the freestyle BMX disciplines like park, street, vert, dirt and flatland.

BMX XXX is running on an unprecedented and unmatched 3rd generation BMX engine.

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