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Game Name: Antz Extreme Racing
Genre: Racing
Players: 1 - 4
Publisher: Empire Interactive
Developer: Supersonic
Handling dirt is not a rewarding career, but you don't have to follow orders your whole life - think for yourself and Antz Extreme Racing can put you in the fast lane!

With an initial ranking of 5,000,000, Antz Extreme Racing gives you the chance to take on the role any one of six memorable characters from the groundbreaking motion picture Antz. With Z and Bala initially available, and other characters unlocked during the game, your goal is to climb the racing ladder and make something of yourself.

You may be part of an endless extended family, but that doesn't stop you from wanting to be the best. Race to victory and help make your colony proud!

Featuring your favorite characters from the hit motion picture Antz: worker ant Z-4195 (better known as Z); the six-legged, but beautiful Princess Bala; loyal friends Azteca and Weaver; military aide Cutter; and the master manipulator Mandible.

Start the game with access to Z and Bala, and unlock the others by winning races.
Fun, explorative and action-based driving gameplay: big enemies, action scenes and exciting track designs keep you racing for the chequered flag!

On each of the tracks, avoid numerous traps and make full use of bonus items to win each race!

Variable Antz challenges range from straight racing to slalom and time-based trials.
Four unique types of gameplay: driving, running, boarding and flying ensure that racing at 0.5 MPH feels like light speed!

Each character has multiple challenges open to them, giving the player a variety of racing conditions and scenarios. Can you find them all?

Cutting edge racing engine keeps the action packed full of wonder, immersive quality and amazing visuals–-like the original movie Antz!

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