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Game Name : Over The Hedge
System : Xbox
Date Added : 2008-02-08 18:12:58
Views : 48511

"Caught In The Hedge": Easy full health objective
On level 4, "Caught In The Hedge", there is a beat the level with full health objective. To accomplish this, switch to the CPU at the very end of the level. They will have taken no damage and have full health.

Game Unlockables
Over The Hedge Unlockables:
Unlockable:How to Unlock:
Minigame Range Driver 2You must finish 40 Objectives.
Unlock Attack: Finishing MovesComplete 20 Objectives.
Unlock Attack: Ground Pound.Complete 50 Objectives
Unlock Minigame: Bumper Carts 1Complete 15 Objectives.
Unlock Minigame: Bumper Carts 2Complete 45 Objectives.
Unlock Minigame: Race Track 1Complete 25 Objectives.
Unlock Minigame: Race Track 2Complete 60 Objectives.
Unlock Minigame: Range Driver 1Complete 10 Objectives.
Unlock Minigame: Range Driver 2Complete 40 Objectives.

Cheat mode
Press Start to pause game play, then Hold L + R and enter one of the following codes at the pause screen.
Y, B, Y(2), X(2).All mini-games
Y, B, Y, X(2), B.All moves
Y, B, Y, B, X, B.Always power golf
Y, B, X(2), B, Y.Bonus comic 1
Y(2), X, B, X, B.Bonus comic 2
Y, B, Y, B, Y, X.Extra damage
Y, B, Y, B(2), X.Level select
Y, B, Y, B, X, Y.More HP from food

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