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Game Name : Warriors, The
System : Xbox
Date Added : 2005-10-07 23:30:58
Views : 30542

Unlock Adelphion As Rumble Character
Help Get Back The Tiki Costume

Unlock Increased Flash Capacity
Run To Twiggys Store And Get a Foam Finger While Dosed On Flash

Unlock Hand Cuffs To Use On Enemies
Arrest The Coney Stalker

Armies Of The Night game
Successfully complete the game to unlock the Armies Of The Night arcade machine at the hub. In this game, you play as Swan and Ajax in Double Dragon style stages. The object of the game is the save Mercy, who has been captured by the Riffs.

Unlock Play as the Riffs vs The Rogues
Beat the game.

Free Flash
Go to a Flash dealer, and buy some Flash. Then, start to beat up the Flash dealer. When he fights back, hold Black and issue the command "Wreck 'em all! ". When you and your team have killed the Flash dealer, he will drop the cash that you gave him, and sometimes some extra Flash

Unlock Steel Toed Boots
Beat The Jones Street Boys In Turf Invasion

Unlock Recruit Bums ComRecruit bums
Complete the "Feed the bums" bonus mission.

Unlock Brass Knuckles
Beat The Hurricanes In Turf Invasion

Unlock Keys
Free Twiggys Contacts

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