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Game Name : Halo Triple Pack
System : Xbox
Date Added : 2005-09-17 20:59:48
Views : 27890

Unlock Grunts Birthday party
In Arbiter level, go to end and fly down in the banshee. It is hard to see but Grunts are dancing around it

Unlock Angry Mode
In Convenant Holy City, reach first outdoor area with dirt and vegetables. Turn right, run to the wall past the gravity lift. Follow top of wall

Assasins mode
Find on Regret, after first lift ride, grenade jump from first awning to ledge in front of you

Unlock Blind mode
At outskirts, jump up the ruts in firs twall, then jump on roof and go to left. Should be next to camera

Unlock 2 New Guns
Beat game on easy, then hard in 3 hours

Unlock Foundation map
Complete game on any mode after taking Banshee in last level

Unlock Iron mode
On last Chief level, in Final lift, look up

Random message
Enter ".fortune" as profile name

Unlock Sputnik mode
AT start of Quarantine, go through tunnel, then carefully walk along ledge

Skip Halo 2 Final Brutes
Get a banshee in last level. Fly to the right of the building when the door is busted. Go towards bottom right and you should get the cutscene with Tartarus. You can then fight him.

Unlock Different Ending
Finish on Legendary

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