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Game Name: The Thing
Genre: Action
Players: 1
Official Site
Publisher: Vivendi Universal
Developer: Computer Artworks
Where the movie ended, the true terror begins. In the frozen wastelands of Antarctica, a mysterious, shape-shifting alien life form has wiped out an American scientific outpost. You're the leader of a military rescue team sent to investigate the carnage. Trapped by the elements and infected by a horrific enemy, you must keep your squad together. Control their fear, gain their trust and you might just survive The Thing.

Taking place shortly after the events seen in the 1982 film The Thing takes us back to the Antarctic base and familiar locales from the film for a terrifying, new chapter of isolation and paranoia

New trust/fear interface adds a different dimension to the genre How you influence non-player characters (NPCs) psychological state determines whether or not these characters will cooperate with you

Amazing lighting, weather and particle effects complemented by subtle sound cues and scripted events create a new level of suspense and terror

Puzzle-solving can be accomplished by a multitude of scenarios there is never just one way to accomplish an objective

Varied pace of gameplay throughout the game blending action, puzzles, horror and human interaction

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