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Game Name: Spy Hunter
Genre: Racing
Players: 1 - 2
Official Site
Publisher: Acclaim Entertainment
Developer: Point of View
PREPARE TO BE HUNTED! The evil Nostra Corporation is preparing to unleash havoc—only you and the G-6155 Interceptor can stop them. SpyHunter is based on the theme of the original classic game. The all-new SpyHunter combines explosive combat, high speed action-racing and stealth/reconnaissance for relentless mission-based game play.

G-6155 Interceptor morphs on the fly into a deadly high-velocity speedboat

A turbo jet watercraft or a super-charged motorcycle

Offensive and defensive weapons including 25mm cannon machine guns

Swarmer heat-seeking missiles, smoke screens, oil slicks and rail guns.

Command the G-6155 Interceptor with turbine engine (horsepower classified) to escape and evade the relentless onslaught of enemy fire.

Battle Nostra agents in Germany, France, the Florida Keys, Panama and the canals of Venice.

Multi-player action for two players

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