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Game Name: Splashdown
Genre: Sports
Players: 1 - 2
Official Site
Publisher: Infogrames
Developer: Rainbow Studios
Become one of eight rebellious riders as you throttle a Sea-Doo® over water that looks so real you'll need a wetsuit! Just throw Splashdown into your Xbox video game system and you'll instantly start blasting through the waters of Bali, tearing over the Great Barrier Reef, or stirring up the Venice Canals. Catch massive air as you jump wakes and launch off of ramps — and pull insane stunts like the Metronome and the Cyclone. Then battle your way to the finish line through 18 incredibly detailed environments from all around the globe! For the wildest, most authentic water racing on the planet, Splashdown is your game.

New for the Xbox video game system: Two fresh courses featuring bigger waves to catch more air!

Power four authentic Sea-Doo watercraft: Each with unique handling to put you in the hot seat and give you maximum control!

Wild and rebellious racers: Choose from eight over-the-top characters with unique personalities, all with specific attributes ranging from speed and handling to stunts and agility.

True-to-life water: Bring the experience of watercraft racing to your home!

Show off your 30+ acrobatic stunts: Kick off sick stunts like the Lazy Boy and the Handlebar Handstand!

Over 40 courses in 18 photo-realistic environments: Be the first to cross the finish line in Tokyo, Venice, Mission Bay and many more! For the Xbox version, catch massive air off the enormous waves at Ruminer Point, Maine and The Keys, Florida.

All tracks offer numerous shortcuts and hidden areas for high replayability!

Boost the performance of your Sea-Doo watercraft!

Crazy stunts equal more speed, so get out there and defy gravity!

Three levels of difficulty, hilarious character dialogue and spectacular wrecks and bails help create the most realistic water racing experience possible.

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