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Game Name: Soccer Slam
Genre: Sports
Players: 1 - 4
Official Site
Publisher: Sega Sports
Developer: Visual Concepts
Have you ever taken on a deranged kilt-wearing Scotsman in a wild, no-holds-barred soccer match? In Soccer Slam you'll unleash merciless kicks, tackles, and steals against excitable, colorful characters from all over the world. Each character in this anything-but-ordinary soccer game wields special powers and moves that if executed properly earn the big score. Get to the random spotlight that appears on the field and your character will shoot skyward with the ball and slam it toward the unsuspecting goalie.

In Quest Mode, you can unlock secret stadiums and uncover hidden items to improve your already stellar performance. Watch the intensity rise as you utilize your new power moves in other game modes. If you're a little rusty on the field, the Practice Mode will get you going again. When you're confident in your smash mouth hits and soccer tackles, throw in some bad weather and gather up a bunch of friends for a rowdy round-robin tournament.

Six teams of three odd characters (plus goalies) from around the world face off

Stadiums are filled with lively, chanting, banner-waving fans

Challenge your friends in Exhibition and Tournament Mode

It's you against the computer in five different modes, including Quick Start, Practice, and Continental Cup Quest.

In the Challenge Mode gamers can build their own teams by custom selecting individual players from any of the existing soccer squads and competing in special matches where players can unlock one of the three new secret teams.

Arcade Mode gives easy access to single exhibition matches, lets users mix and match players from various teams and play the two new mini-games.

Power-ups and Bonus moves reveal dazzling special effects.

18 unique 3D characters with their own personalities, moves, and signature goal celebrations.

Over 1,000 motion-captured moves bring the characters to life.

Colorful announcer gives real-time commentary on specific plays.

User-friendly controls make it easy to jump in and master tricky moves.

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