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Game Name: Gun Valkyrie
Genre: Action
Players: 1
Official Site
Publisher: Sega Corporation
Developer: Smilebit Corporation
In Gun Valkyrie players suit up as either Kelly O'Lenmey or Saburota Mishima to battle hideously oversized arachnids with a variety of character-specific weapons. Amidst rock formations housing huge number of aggressive monster approaching from every direction, you must scan the 360-degree area while running and shooting the creatures. It's a race against technology to save the world form complete annihilation!

State of the art graphics engine achieves smooth and realistic texture-models and produces stunning environmental effects, both complimented by an amazingly high-poly count available only through Xbox technology.

Save the world from total annihilation by battling through ten massive levels as Kelly O'Lenmey, a gun-toting vixen or Saburota Mishima, a steel-nerved Samurai.

Enhanced control - utilizes both Left and Right thumb sticks, allowing gamers to run in one direction while gunning down enemies all around them!

Eight distinct types of customizable weaponry upgradeable armor.

Action-packed sci-fi storyline inspired by modern day anime.

Extremely popular in the U.S. and Japan, Gun Valkyrie features a world famous Japanese animation graphic style called "Japanimation technique"" making shading effects and character art style in the game tremendously vibrant.

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