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Game Name: Frogger Beyond
Genre: Platform
Players: 1 - 4
Publisher: Konami
Developer: Konami Studios
Join Frogger on a fun-filled journey as he hops across eight amazing worlds that mix classic Frogger gameplay with great new features. Snowboard ice-covered mountains, travel through lava caverns, navigate the depths of outer space, collect power-ups, and much more in Frogger Beyond.

Easy-to-learn controls, classic gameplay, colorful graphics
Lively tile-base platform action that's perfect for the whole family
Set across eight expansive worlds with detailed and exotic environments, featuring a wide range of mischievous enemies and puzzling obstacles
Multi-player mode for up to 4 players make this the perfect party game
Hidden features such as unlockable characters, a blooper reel, and cheat codes ensure that gamers will come back to Frogger Beyond

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