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Game Name: Crimson Sea
Genre: Action
Players: 1
Publisher: KOEI Corporation
Developer: KOEI Co Ltd
Crimson Sea pits you against an unknown enemy that hides in the shadows. Vibration, sound, movement, everything hints at a presence that is slowly approaching. Where are they? Where will they appear? Experience the tenstion and thrill of the hunt. Then suddenly they are all there, all around you. Thousands, tens of thousands of alien creatures fill the screen. Fear tightens its grip and you fire off burst after burst. And gradually the fear changes to the excitement of prevailing against overwhelming odds.

Fight for your life as you are surrounded by the hoardes! A new and improved "Group Control Engine" puts more than 1,000 enemies in your sights at once!

"Liquid" aliens change shape as they attack! Watch as these enemies of unknown origin morph before your very eyes!

Complete immersion in battle! A special sonar enemy detection system and Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround Sound bring excitement from all angles!

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