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Game Name: Battle Engine Aquila
Genre: Action
Players: 1 - 2
Official Site
Publisher: Atari
Developer: Lost Toys
Battle Engine Aquila throws you in a global battle between the Forseti and the Muspell–take charge of the ultimate war machine – the Battle Engine. Whether in walking or in flying mode, you have access to an array of destructive weapons. By commanding a device so powerful and advanced, your battlefield decisions will shape the direction of each engagement and, ultimately, the entire war.

Take control of the Battle Engine war machine, the most powerful weapon in a global conflict, and engage in real-time combat in massive environments.

Transform from flight mode to ground mode and attack with vulcan cannons, grenades, spread bombs, flux missiles and six other devastating weapons – all capable of augmentation.

Progress through a branching storyline of 43 missions and play through advanced variations as you increase your skills.

Battle with or against a friend in three, intense multiplayer modes – Skirmish, Versus and Cooperative.

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