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Game Name: Robotech BattleCry
Genre: Action
Players: 1 - 4
Publisher: TDK Mediactive
Developer: Vicious Cycle
Robotech BattleCry is a mission driven, third person action game that takes the classic mecha-filled mayhem of the animated television series and translates it into an exciting real-time 3D game. In this high-octane arcade shooter, players take the role of intrepid fighter pilot Jack Archer, who must put his skills to the test in a desperate struggle to aid the Robotech Defense Force (RDF) in safeguarding the planet Earth against the evil alien forces of the Zentraedi armada. Players control the Veritech fighter, a unique mecha capable of ground-based fighting in robot form, or quickly transformable into a fast attack fighter for aerial dog fighting.

Fast-paced action that pits the player against groups of enemies simultaneously

Introduces transformable vehicles that can change from a ground based, 40-foot tall humanoid robot into a high-flying jet fighter craft

15 expansive missions with a variety of primary objectives, as well as secondary objectives that are not required to complete the game but add additional game time and re-playability

Three transformation modes that offer different movement options, special abilities and weapons

A variety of environments including rolling hills, an urban setting, the sky and outer space

A deathmatch mode where players can battle each other

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