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Game Name: NBA Live 2003
Genre: Sports
Players: 1 - 4
Official Site
Publisher: EA Sports
Developer: EA Sports
From blowing down the lane with the unreal quickness of a superstar, to rising above the rim with the explosive energy of a high flying player, to slamming down with the unstoppable power of the game, NBA Live 2003 lets you live your dream of NBA super-skilled superstardom.

When the game's on the line, you're the one everyone's watching. Drain a buzzer-beating "3" and send your opponent packing. Reject a last-ditch shot by the other team's superstar and show the world you own the paint. Lead your team to victory in the biggest games imaginable, and do it year after year to create an NBA dynasty and become an NBA legend.

With totally enhanced gameplay that brings the physically challenging, fast-paced action of the NBA to life, and enhanced animations and audio that deliver the awesome drama and emotion of the NBA experience, without LIVE it's just basketball.

Revolutionary Hand Control: Unprecedented control over both hands lets you make lightning-quick steals, monster shot blocks, and crossover dribbles

NBA Speed, NBA Power: Hundreds of new animations, including new signature moves

"D Up": Amazing control and new shot blocking animations bring defense to life

Real NBA Coaches: All the NBA head coaches are courtside in full 3D, reacting to the on-court action

Brand-new Commentary: Over 5,000 new lines keep the commentary fresh throughout the entire LIVE season

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