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Game Name: Unreal Championship
Genre: Action
Players: 1 - 4
Official Site
Publisher: Infogrames
Developer: Digital Extremes
Developed by Digital Extremes, Unreal Championship is an upcoming first-person action game built from the ground up exclusively for the Xbox™ video game system from Microsoft, utilizing the latest Unreal technology by Epic Games. Unreal Championship combines a brilliant single player experience with an unparalleled multi-player component.

Highly individualized characters – From alien races and nightmarish demons to the armor clad Juggernauts, choose from over 25, all new, highly detailed characters! Complete with their own specific abilities and origins!

Exotic indoor and outdoor locales – Dense jungles, bitterly cold frozen landscapes to hi-tech space stations and Industrial plants, you'll have over 25 detailed locations to wreak havoc!

Multiplayer – You've honed your skills through the intense single player experience, mastered the special moves and learned all the level specific secrets, now it's time to test your mettle. Whether you choose the out of the box Internet play with voice communication or split-screen multiplayer, you'll never have to play alone again.

Exciting gameplay modes:

Death Match (DM)
Capture the Flag (CTF)
Domination 2.0 (DOM)
Bombing Run (BR) and more!
Intense Action – Whether on foot or traveling by the land or air-based vehicles, race through the outdoor terrain destroying everything in your path or pick up a teammate for an offensive crushing of the opposing team!

Firepower – Annihilate your opponents with a large array of destructive weaponry, ranging from the fragment-flinging Flak Cannon to the brutal destructive power that is the Rocket Launcher.

System link capability – Invite your friends over and Link up multiple Xbox™ video game systems for the ultimate LAN party!

Voice communication – Gone are the days of needing a Keyboard to talk to your teammates, now you can give and take orders or gloat over your victory, all with real-time voice communication!

Incredible Visuals – With the muscle of the Xbox video game system from Microsoft and the power and flexibility of the latest Unreal Technology from Epic Games modified by the creative minds of Digital Extremes, you can expect jaw-dropping audio and visual effects. With spectacular lighting, realistically moving smoke and explosions, amazing weapon and explosion sound effects, your TV has never looked or sounded so good.

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