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Game Name : Otogi : Myth of Demons
System : Xbox
Date Added : 2005-11-04 08:34:58
Views : 23764

Unlock Accessories
Prayer Beads: Beat A Chilled Moon (Stage 16) with a time of 1:10 or better.
Needle of Fury: Beat A Clouded Moon (Stage 6) in under 1 minute.
Providence Mirror: Found behind the red archways at the very end of A Chilled Moon (Stage 16). Go behind the archways (where the Crimson King makes his final stand) and drop off the ledge. Look under the ledge to find the Providence Mirror.
Sutra of Aggression: Beat Kudara in Floating Tower (Stage 9).

Unlock 2nd Play
Beat the game once to unlock the 2nd Play option. You can play the game again with all weapons and items carried over from your last game. You also gain the ability to destroy strong object with a B attack and your stats increase.

Unlock Magic
House of Soryu Level 1: Dropped after killing one of the Staff Ravens in Forbidden Mansion (Stage 2).

House of Soryu Level 3: Beat Golem's Ravine (Stage 19) in under 2 minutes.

House of Suzaku Level 2: Found in Eternal Night (Stage 17) near the gate at the top of the cliff at the beginning of the stage.

House of Soryu Level 3: Beat Lair of Fire (Stage 22) with a time of 1:39 or better.

House of Byakko Level 1: Found in the well at the end of the initial pathway in Ancient Captial (Stage 4).

House of Byakko Level 3: Beat Inner Sanctum (Stage 20) with a time of 1:39 or better.

House of Genbu Level 2: Found in one of the brazier's near the row of columns set into the cliffside in Sea of fire (Stage 15).

House of Genbu Level 3: Beat Canyon of Death (Stage 23) with a time of 1:39 or better.

Magic Opposites
Magic that opposes one another do double damage and magic from the same house does half damage.
Byakko (Chimera) opposes Soryu (Dragon)
Genbu (Butterfly) opposes Suzaku (Phoenix)

Unlock Weapons
Training Sword: Perform a 400-hit combo in Sprit Wood (Stage 11). It's possible, check out the walkthrough to see how.

Punisher: Found at the base of the hill to the right (where you meet the boss) in A Clouded Moon (Stage 6).

Sword of Voracity: Kill 60 enemies in Stage 26, Valley of Prayer

Thunder: Found in Stage 22, Lair of Fire, underneath the bridge between the center island and the large statue.

Golden Dragon: Found in the narrow passage near the beginning of Inner Sanctum (Stage 20).

Holy Staff: Beat Sea of Fire (Stage 15) with a time of 2:47 or better.

Dragon Point: Kill 30 enemies in Restless Sea (Stage 7).

Ogre's Horn: Defeat the Blaze Ogre near the beginning of Darkfire Cave (Stage 18).

Staff of Duality: Found in Forest of Wind (Stage 24). Look for the small passageway inside the tree stump. On the other side, the Staff rests above the entrance, on top of the stump.

Dragon Staff: Finish Palace of Gold (Stage 5) with a time of 3:20 or better.

Butterfly Staff: Destroy the plants on the left side near the beginning of The Green Cave (Stage 10). One hides a secret hallway where the Butterfly Staff can be found.

Black Swallow: Found behind the start point of Canyon of Death (Stage 23). Once the stage begins, turn around and head into the alcove. Kill the Death Serpent waiting for you to earn the Black Swallow.

Jaws of Mountain: Found in Spirit Wood (Stage 11). Follow the narrow path to the right of the start point and cross the bridge to receive your prize.

Rune Scimitars: Perform a 20-hit combo (or greater) in Mountain Gates (Stage 3).
Moonlight Sword: Free 100% of all souls in first 28 stages.

Skylarks: Beat Stage 14 in under 2 minutes.
Orchid Malevolence: Kill the Hydra in Stage 25.

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